Day 9 | Zohar Kfir

My work tends to investigate visual representations that evolve over time, using the metaphor of the journey. In a way, I see my video work as short experimental stories that represent emotion or a place, where pictures are rhythmically constructed upon several shapes and forms instead of words.

I am attracted to the brevity and exactitude of image compositions over sound; the flow and musical tonality of visual impressions. I enjoy the challenge posed by the creation of short video works; to me, precision of thought is a necessary motive for my art making process— the reduction of meaning to it purest and most beautiful form.

Pushpe, 2003 – 6:30 mins
Sound by Doron Ben Avraham
Created during a residency at the Experimental TV Center, Owego NY

Zohar Kfir is a video artist from Tel Aviv, currently based in Montréal. She is active in many fields ranging from experimental video, interactive art to poetry writing and Zohar has shown her video works in galleries and video festivals in Israel, Europe and USA, such as the Transmediale [2003-2004], Vad Festival, NYUFF, FACT Liverpool, ICA Center for the arts in Boston, Makor Gallery in NYC and most recently the Jerusalem Film Festival. She hold a BFA in Digital Media from Camera Obscura School of Arts in Tel Aviv, and a MPS Degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program [ITP].

Zohar Kfir – Montréal Canada | Tel Aviv Israel

Doron Ben Avraham – New York New York

One thought on “Day 9 | Zohar Kfir

  1. The transitions and layering is very beautiful. It’s almost like seeing a glimpse into our brain activity to all the visual connections we make on a daily basis. The representation doesn’t leave out any detail. It’s kind of ironic how selective our sight can be at times and the way we tend to block out visual information that is of no interest or need in our everyday lives. What happens to all the data that we collect or abandon?

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