Day 17 | Toni Meštrović

Video film “The State of Mind” is personal reflection on social and existential survival. A self-portrait depicts two opposing states alternating between calm and agitated perspectives. This work represents the search for a balance between unwanted and desirable circumstances.

The State of Mind, 2003 – 1:30 mins

Toni Meštrović, born 1973 in Split, Croatia, graduated with a Graphic Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1999, where he produced graphic arts, sculpture and installation. Due to his interest in electronic audiovisual media, he studied Video/Digital Imaging at the International Summer Academy for Contemporary Art in Salzburg in 1997, and completed a two-year postgraduate diploma in Media Art at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne in 2004. Video, sound and audiovisual installations produced during Meštrović’s postgraduate studies explore his personal perception of the sea, and the island where he grew up. Since 1992, he has taken part in group and solo shows, as well as video festivals. Lives in Kaštela and teaches at the Arts Academy University of Split.

Toni Meštrović – Split Croatia

4 thoughts on “Day 17 | Toni Meštrović

  1. I think this video worked well. The sound is amazing and gets his point across. I was first drawn to the calming water sound as I walked past. When it switched I was taken back and it drew me into watching. The length of the video works works. I like that the cross over between the two scenarios are abrupt, it adds to the agitated state of mind Toni is trying to portray.

  2. The agitated state that Toni portrays is very dynamic and successful. I tend to want to look away from the close up view, because it hits on memories in my own state of mind that are very overwhelming and undesirable. Great use of color too.

  3. This video had some very nice contrast to it, from the peaceful calm water to the drowning feeling you get with the face plunged into the water. I think there could have been more to the video instead of the similiar scenes focused on one area.

  4. My initial take on this was a sense of complete uneasiness. Im not going to lie, one of my worst fears is to come across a floater when I am out swimming in the open and with seeing this struggle/outcome is pretty intense. Although I did enjoy the peaceful chilling floating scene at the beginning, right up until I jumped back from the drowning man. My hands are still sweating.

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