Day 2 | Krista Hoefle

Generally speaking, I work in a variety of media including sculpture, animations and digital technologies focusing on postmodern thought related to the body – as a biological entity and a cultural idea. Through a combination of materials and methods, my installation environments undermine notions of a fixed, homogenous body/persona relationship. I present objects and other elements (projected and monitor-based animations, mixed media drawings, digital prints, etc.) that visually partition a body throughout a space, each element acting as a type of prosthesis; a series of artificial replacements that – as a whole – create an eccentric landscape. Currently, I’m exploring cyborg identity and issues related to disembodiment – a term often associated with the use and integration of technology into everyday life – within my creative practice. Using sources ranging from cybertheory, posthuman theory, cyberfeminism and science fiction, I’m investigating issues regarding the absence of the body within cyberspace and the impact of this absence on our understanding of the mind/body relationship. Most importantly, my work hypothesizes an expansion of gender and biology in light of these divergent modes of exploration.

Using digital and analog techniques, my animations typically depict twittering, jittering, microscopic bitmaps that evolve, transform and transgress over time. Although most often viewed independently, these animations serve to establish an interior life for the anatomically derived objects within my installations; abstract, full color parasites that seemingly adjust and optimize the larger organism (or object). Using its native programming language Actionscript, I code generative components in Flash that create the kinetic behaviors of these animations. In a recent residency at the Experimental Television Center in March 2007, I began using other customizable software programs – specifically MaxMSP+Jitter – the in the creation of these elements.

Your Adam’s apple is my synthetic port, 2007 – 3:12 mins

Krista Hoefle – South Bend Indiana

4 thoughts on “Day 2 | Krista Hoefle

  1. Although I think the artist statement is very interesting, I was not intrigued by this video. However, it may have a lot do with my own personal disconnect with the cyber world and disinterest with working with flash. The peptol bismal pink was also hard to look at for so long. I thought the sound was interesting and I am curious to see how else the artist could use the same concept in a different way.

  2. Without the artist’s statement I would be very confused as to what I was looking at. It definitely reads as scientific and microscopic and visually stimulating but the clear purpose of the video is a bit undefined. I think I need to see more of the artist’s work to get a deeper understanding.

  3. What I found very interesting was the association that I got from the work, it reminded me of some hyper cartoon that very young children would watch or make. It is broken down to very simple parts but then it seems like it is hyped up on steroids…it was interesting but I found it too chaotic almost.

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