Day 7 | Igor Krenz

Films (logical mind games) are based on different assumptions where the title contains a thesis and the contents of the film itself provides a proof of the assumption. They question the existing systems of values and point to the relations between the motivation for activity, the activity itself, and its result.

Films are a result of experiments, carried out on commonly accepted ideas. Ideas presented in a different context, questioned, and challenged, change their ascribed meaning. And then, absurd comes in. Absurd which is not a nonsense but rather is a meeting of two ore more true statements. Results in contradiction, which may become a new entity.

Igor Krenz lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. He is a co-founder of “Photo Service” and “Azorro” groups, art collectives that perform and circulate images. He has made over 60 films that have been presented at the Centre for Contemporary Art and Raster Gallery in Warsaw, GB Agency in Paris and Tate Modern in London.

Igor Krenz – Warsaw Poland

6 thoughts on “Day 7 | Igor Krenz

  1. I thought that these short were just very random, and I really enjoyed that aspect of them. The element of the contraption in these is very interesting, these various “contraptions” that are made to carry out very sort of nonsensical results. But then there is the aspect of the maker in all of them too, giving them all some kind of meaning. And by making these contraptions have very straight forward results, it brings into question exactly why they are important.

  2. I can’t help but laugh when I watch “Bad” with the wooden platform. The simplicity of the title and of the overall experiment seems so straight-forward and easy to read, yet I can’t help but wonder what else Igor is trying to present to the viewer. It seems that we too are quick to judge results, whether they be good or bad.

  3. upon first seeing this video, it is very absurd and laughable because it catches you off guard. after reading the statement, they take on a new meaning, where logic meets physics meets the antics of this artist. to me, these are about defying the laws and theories that are supposedly solid and proven.

  4. The use of the tubes gave me a cool optical illusion. I know it was just edited but still good idea. I am doing something similar but using reflective surfaces to alter to show whats real and whats not. i would like to see more

  5. I didn’t get to see this one for really long but what I saw was pretty interesting. It instantly made me think fo “failed ideas” and going back to the drawing board and trying again.

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