Day 10 | Dmitry Borisov

This is my “Panaranimation” a mixed media animation piece featuring a stream of imagery and subtle animation with video. The name of this piece portrays a panoramic moving landscape that expresses a slow trickle of time passing, as one gazes at the panarama. This is a sedated moving piece running at a little over 6 minutes and thus requiring the viewer to stop and gaze for a while in order to absorb it in its fullness. Panaranimation studies an ongoing transitional flow of video with as little ‘cutting’ as possible of scenes. As a matter of being, it is for the most part just one scene. If Panaranimation was a still painting, it would surely take up a good 30 or 40 feet of horizontal space, thus in animated form, the art compacts itself to save physical space.

Borisov was born in Moscow in 1985 and moved to the US in 1991. He is currently living and working in Los Angeles. Borisov describes himself as a “re-creator of reality and imagination through a variety of media.” He works by putting an idea on paper and then transforming it into an animation. He is inspired by both the external world and the “subconscious” within him.

Dmitry Borisov – Los Angeles California

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