Day 6 | Andréa De Felice

Individual sets of subtitles (shown in parenthesis) textually descriptive of specific sounds from everyday life are displayed subsequently throughout the full runtime of the installation. The video continues to run the subtitles entirely without accompanying imagery and/or audio. The piece prompts anticipation, puzzlement, and an imaginative automatic act of association through visual legibility. There is an additional sense of memory and vulnerability in relationship to cohesive experiences throughout day-to-day happenings; however, a consequential abstract narrative can be (variably) derived from the word-sound associations resulting in a contextual ambiguity.

Subtitles, 2007 – 5:32 mins, silent

American born, Andréa DeFelice, is an interdisciplinary artist who works in drawing, video installation, sound, and sculptural cinematic devices.

I am fascinated by the physical senses, behavioral psychology, and how things are affected by surrounding environments and forces. In many ways, my work focuses on human physicality and sometimes, by implication, mortality. The outcomes are seductive, intimate, narrative, and communicative. Through my work I attempt to conceptually reflect upon actual experiences in day-to-day life. My process is about experimenting with various media in order to create environments, objects, and images that may ultimately alter the utilization and/or feeling of the senses. Among my most important concerns in my artistic process is to inspire perceptiveness and bring about controversy over why and how surrounding influences affect our behavior and experiences in everyday life—primarily the experiences related to our bodies, emotions, communication, and our personal (mis)conceptions.

Andréa De Felice – New York New York

One thought on “Day 6 | Andréa De Felice

  1. Fascinating! I’ve accessed this several times to make sure I haven’t missed anything. Not the kind of artistic display I’m use to. Excellent written discription. Great to see you, as always. Let me know what you’re up to.
    Love, Aunt Honey

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