Day 6 | Tammy Renée Brackett


Floodwater (bio)graphy: The last 473 pages of the base pair sequence of the X chromosome animated with an algorithm that creates turbulence. The piece was made in response to Hurricane Katrina, which displaced part of my family. They were a few of the many people who were deciding if they should return to the area. If they did not it would mean that my family and genetic information would be removed from a specific location and I was aware that the movement of the genetic information of these people would ultimately change the genetics of future generations of my family. Genetic information faces turbulence as the body is pulled and submerged by the flow of floodwater.

Floodwater (bio)graphy, 2007 – 3:11, digital video animation


Tammy Renée Brackett – Hornell New York

2 thoughts on “Day 6 | Tammy Renée Brackett

  1. The content of the X chromosome that is animated with “an algorithm that creates turbulence” suggests the displacement of the family legacy. I imagaine an imagery where the small turbulence of the algorithms represensts the human being and his helplessness at the whim of nature.

  2. As I saw the information displace and dissolve I began to think of the flood waters holding Brackett’s family history. Water is such a mobile force and this travesty created physical mobility throughout her family. The flood waters came from an origin of unknown and combined areas. During and after the flood, the same waters continue to displace itself through condensation, evaporation, absorption through ground water and clouds. All of these are vehicles of mobility, once again separating the waters. This is the same of the genetic integrity of Brackett and her family and friends. They have and will maintain their mobility throughout geographical means-displacing and spreading instead of remaining stagnant in one place.
    It was sad to watch this piece but at the same time hopeful of the possibilities in the future for these people.

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