Day 10 | Roderick Coover

It is TIME at a street corner in London… A collaboration between filmmaker Roderick Coover and writer Deb Unferth, this short marks the textual disintegration of the speaking clock in an unnerving portrait of technology, power, and the urban environment.

The Theory of Time Here is a formal work about the speaking clock and its proverbial voice. Its repetitive, calming tone distracts from the fact that it represents a marriage of the two most inescapable and oppressive authorities—-technology and time. Here familiar images and phrases become playfully disassembled and reassembled. Whatever choices the humans make are constrained by – and expressed within the conditions of — the powerful forces of technology. These forces are expressed through convention. They may approach total disintegration, yet, somehow, perhaps through convention, they right themselves, and begin again.

The Theory of Time Here, 2007 – 6:32 mins

Distributed by the Video Data Bank, Chicago


Roderick Coover – Philadelphia Pennsylvania

2 thoughts on “Day 10 | Roderick Coover

  1. The time at the street corner gives me the feeling of being frozen in time and unable to move. There is a person in the middle starring at me as he is bored and it is nice how when time goes by slowly or stops, we begin to get bored with our lives.

    The Theory of Time is unique to me that everywhere we turn, we must use technology to guide us. At least in America this is true. Why must we follow the computers signals? I like how Coover combines tech and time together giving us the sense we must wait before we can act. Perhaps, this is another message to the impatient people to think before they speak or act.

  2. Time is a huge factor to everyone in the world. I currently am revolving my work around time and all it is to people. I found the triptych has a sense of balance i didnt think would work but actually is quite equal.

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