Day 5 | Courtney Grim


Las Llamas and Costa Verde are two Structural Landscapes shot on-location in South America. Both serve as visual evidence of the links that exists between photography, film and video while documenting the various ways in which technology and historical processes work together playing with both space and time.

In Las Llamas the screen has been divided in two with digital video on the left and the hand-processed 8mm chrome film on the right. Both videos are arranged so, from a distance, they serve as pictorial landscapes. During Las Llamas a typical scene in the highlands unfolds as a family pulls their cart across the land towards a market. A boy on his bicycle disappears into a field of nothingness as if he has gone back in time only to reappear as he bikes back into the modern day digital side – a sort of virtual time machine, moving back and forth between film and video.

Las Llamas, 2007 – 5:11 mins



Costa Verde is a structural landscape of a life-sized metal bolt found off the coast of Lima, Peru. This video superimposes a full screen digital video and a 8mm black and white, hand-processed film that’s been toned and scratched with objects found from the surrounding area. The film starts with straight video and fades in and out of the various processes, culminating in a structural echo of the bolt itself that occurred during solarization.

Costa Verde, 2007 – 7:59 mins


Courtney Grim – Buffalo New York

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